Our specialty is that we work with farm raised and grain fed poultry . Our range of Poultry covers chicken, hen ,goose, turkey etc in its raw form and many other value added products such as sausages and smoked chicken and poultry parts.

Beef, Lamb & Mutton

Every cut comes from a factory that has been inspected and audited by our team and the products that we source are from highly regulated and controlled Industries leaving no errors and slips from source to plate.

Sea Food

The range comes in pan ready packs which are Individually quick frozen as fully cooked, blanched, marinated or breaded making life easy and creating un measured savings for the end user.

French Fries

The range is exhaustive and covers a full range of high quality and value added products. These products are specially processed and packaged right to suit the needs of the wide range of customers in the UA.E.

Our Brands