Be it “DWC&F “ “Ocean Queen” we ensure that you receive quality products consistently.
We guarantee size, color, weights and product specifications and most important reliability on each of the product categories we deal with.
Whether it’s our shrimp range that is available cooked, uncooked, tail-on-tail-off ,breaded or blanched or our smoked range of meats or our fish range that includes breaded, fillets and steaks we offer consistency and reliability each time every time.
Our retails products are ready to use, right out of the package. Preparation time is reduced, and because every piece is individually quick frozen, all you do is select the quantity you need.
From broiling to sautéing, barbecuing to frying be it appetizers, entrees, lunches or dinners, it’s so easy to add excitement to your menu when you work with consistency and reliability.
Our new range of retail products are available in select super market chains . They are packaged beautifully and priced right .

Poultry - Halal

Grain Fed Chicken
Grain Fed Turkey
Grain Fed Duck
Grain Fed Poultry parts
Chicken Sausages
Chicken Burgers
Smoked Chicken Wings
Smoked Chicken Drum Sticks

Beef - Halal

Beef Tender Loin
Veal Tenderloin
Beef Thick Flank
Beef Strip Loin
Beef Topside
Beef Silver Side
Beef Hind Quarters
Beef Fore Quarters
T Bone steak
Veal Shoulder
Beef Sausages
Beef Burgers
Beef Mince
Beef Trimmings

Frozen Vegetables

Mixed vegetables
Green Peas
Cut Green Beans
Sweet Corn

Sea Food

Cream Dorrey Fillets
Baltic Cod Fillets
Atlantic Cod Fillets
Flounder Fillets
Head On shell on Shrimps
Head Less shell on shrimps
Peeled and Deveined shrimps Tail off
Peeled and deveined shrimps Tail on
Small shrimp for Salads

Lamb - Halal

Lamb carcass
Mutton Carcass
Mutton Six way Cut
Lamb rack
Sheep Liver
Sheep Brain

Frozen French Fries and Appetizers

Coated and Salted French Fries
Un salted French Fries
Onion rings

Frozen Fruit and Fruit Pulp

Frozen Strawberry
Frozen Mango Pulp
Frozen Guava Pulp

Pickles and Jams